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Lord, Please Save My Marriage: A Christian Woman's Guide to Thrive, Despite Her Husband's Drunken Rants | The Difference Press

Lord, Please Save My Marriage: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Thrive, Despite Her Husband’s Drunken Rants


Your husband’s drunken tirades are driving you crazy!

You know you married a actually great guy, but as the years go by his temper and drinking puts you on a non-stop rollercoaster! One moment, you imagine with your entire heart that the Lord will heal him of his drinking problem, heal the hurt, and restore the tender love you once shared. The next moment, you wonder, How on the planet can I live to tell the tale until then? Lord, I will’t…. take…. much more.

If you’re going to see this marriage through, you’re going to need some new skills for when that angry alcoholic side of your husband shows up again. Christine Folk, communications coach and founder of Epiphany Approach, has put her wisdom on the page in Lord, Please Save My Marriage. She lays out a practical approach to applying God’s word to your tumultuous situation and shows you how to:

  • Resist being provoked into his argument, again
  • Speak to him in “his” language and get him to stop yelling
  • Reduce the intensity and frequency of his rants
  • Know what his real problem is (it’s not what either of you think)
  • Know exactly what God is attempting to tell you about it

You have been up and down this rollercoaster long enough. Look inside for clear biblical examples of how you’ll experience peace in your house tonight.

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