What Happened to My Happily Ever After?: The Radical Approach to Revitalize Your Marriage or Divorce with Love


Stuck between two bad choices, unhappy marriage or divorce?

Like many couples, the very things you valued when you first met “the love of your life” may now be a far off memory. Newlywed dreams turned into day-to-day routines, task lists, paying the bills, and taking good care of children. You’ve lost the passion in your marriage, and even worse, you are feeling disconnected and uninspired. And there’s lots and numerous conflict. You never thought your relationship would come to this. But it’s not the end of the road; it might just be the beginning.

Transformative mediator and relationship coach Belinda Zylberman has assisted hundreds of couples in choosing whether to stay married or divorce. Through her work, she’s ready to show couples what lies on the other side of a relationship when conflicts are transformed to information, awareness, and healing. In What Happened to My Happily Ever After?, she invites you to view your relationship through a new lens and:

  • Understand where you are in your relationship and where you need to be
  • Reconnect with your curiosity to dream again
  • Learn what’s imaginable when you embrace the whole thing that’s happened in your relationship
  • Discover what your feelings are telling you about staying or going
  • Explore how to use conflict to support your relationship
  • Engage with tools and practices to create your greatest possibility in marriage or divorce

Read What Happened to My Happily Ever After? and discover a new possibility in your relationship.

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