The Relationship Train: The Relationship Train Be Your Own Love Conductor & Get a Partner Who Is on Board


Do you wonder why you at all times attract the unsuitable partner?

Are you ready to have the relationship you have at all times dreamed of, but your relationships never seem to last? Do you’re feeling even more frustrated with each relationship that comes to an end – thinking maybe this relationship thing just is not for you? Have you given up hope of ever having that special someone in your life, and now you’re settling for complacency?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will be a destructive relationship magnet. The truth is that you’re meant for so a lot more. Colleen Traci is an Intuitive Guide to understanding love, relationships, and healing. She helps her clients shift from repeated dysfunctional relationships to a relationship that may be healthy, functional, and dynamic.

Now, in The Relationship Train, her wisdom can help guide you on your journey to:

  • Understand how and why these failed relationships seem to follow you
  • Identify why you have been subconsciously choosing the unsuitable partners
  • Let go of the want to be wanted and accepted
  • Discover your unique process for sabotaging healthy relationships
  • Start the process of desiring more intimate, healthy relationships
  • Know what it takes to draw the right person into your life and make it work forever
  • If you are worried about growing old alone, get this book and begin a new journey to wholeness and fulfillment in your romantic life.

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