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Careers In Nonprofits: The Nonprofit Leader's Guide to Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Top Talent | The Difference Press


Turn Your Staffing Nightmare Into a Dream Come True

Do you find that your time as a nonprofit leader is principally spent trying inefficient how one can attract, hire and retain your tribe members? Has it proven difficult to grow your team and gain loyalty? Are you eager to find a solution to high turnover and low morale? As an executive, you may also silently wish for the time when you’ll be able to re-center of attention on advancing your nonprofit’s mission. You are eager to get back to leading a dedicated team whose members are all going in the same direction on the same time. Careers In Nonprofits shows you how a simple tool like career mapping permit you to make your team stronger, happier and committed. Allowing you to get back to the work that inspires you and that only you’ll be able to do! With Careers In Nonprofits you’re taking your time back and create lasting partnerships and bonds with each and every of your team members.

Careers In Nonprofits will guide you to:

    • Consistently establish strong bonds with your team members through Career Mapping


    • Create a highly engaged team


    • Spend less time dealing with body of workers issues and more time leading


    • Lower turnover dramatically


    • Increase tribe members loyalty, happiness and fulfillment at work


    • Co-Create each and every team member’s Career Map


For almost two decades Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen has helped nonprofit leaders create strong teams that are loyal and dedicated to making a difference. Nurys’ passion is creating work environments that are efficient, satisfying and engaging. Where nonprofit leaders create space to guide and inspire employees to design a compelling career map for success.

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