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Is This Sickness or an Energy Block?: Know the Difference and What to Do about It | The Difference Press


Discover the difference between an illness and an energy block.

Have you felt sick for a at the same time as without with the ability to feel better it doesn’t matter what you do? Maybe you’ve been prescribed pills and other “solutions,” but none of them seem to work. Have you stopped to believe that maybe this isn’t sickness – maybe you’re dealing with stuck energy manifesting physically? But, what is stuck energy, and how are you able to in any case feel healthy again?

Amy Keast has spent over thirty years in the medical field and over ten years developing a healing modality. She is gifted intuitively and uses those gifts to identify different kinds of energy. Her unique perspective on sickness and disease shines a light on these spiritual questions. In Is This Sickness or an Energy Block?: Know the Difference and What to Do about It, you’ll learn:

  • That there is more than one way to heal
  • How the chakras impact your well-being when blocked
  • The quite a lot of types and tell-tale signs of stuck energy
  • The original wound and how it is the core of all sickness
  • What keys there are to clearing stuck energy and how to implement them for yourself
  • Why it is that some people don’t heal

Read Is This Sickness or an Energy Block? and learn the tools you want to consider stuck energy and how clear it is to move forward.

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