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My Daughter Myself: 6 Keys to Building a Loving Relationship | The Difference Press


You can have a peaceful and loving relationship with your adult daughter.

Are you tired of feeling like a failure as a mother? Not able to find a way for you and your adult daughter to spend time together whilst understanding each other, supporting each other and finding peace in your shared moments together?

You’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, And you do not need to give up, but you don’t know what else to do. Then this is the book for you.

It is imaginable to have a mother daughter relationship founded on love.

Author Georgianna Rivera has helped women reestablish a Mother Daughter Relationship that after all works.

In this book, she reveals the key steps she learned and implemented to change her own relationships and those of her many clients. You’ll:

*Discover how to stop the blaming that makes you feel unloved so you’ll be able to end living in the past and look to the future.

*Learn how to enjoy exceptional visits and communication with your daughter so You’ll be welcomed back with open arms.

*Understand the truth about what your daughter in point of fact wants from you and how to give it to her without compromising yourself.

*Identify the one key that can turn around the most damaged relationship.

*Embrace the feeling of confidence in who you are as a mother and your ability to foster the relationship you need.

In the spirit of My Mother Myself, this book inspires you to imagine in your contribution to this enduring relationship between Mothers and Daughters. Love is all the time imaginable. If you do not need to waste any more time, read this book now.

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