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Sign Up Your First Coaching Client: Steps to Launch Your New Career | The Difference Press


Sign up your first playing client now!

You are in a job that you don’t in reality like anymore and yes, it served you well for a at the same time as. You are at the point in your life where you are prepared to take a leap of faith and launch your own coaching business. You love helping people; it comes naturally to you. You know you were born to make a difference on the earth, and you know that now it the right time. Yet, you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to even start! The fears have kicked in and you wonder how you’ll continue paying the bills at the same time as you launch the new business.

In Sign Up Your First Coaching Client: Steps to Launch Your New Career, creator and Master Results Coach Carine Kindinger shares her own recipe for success that she used to transition from a day job to becoming a successful Results Coach.

Carine will teach you:

  • The keys to creating the breakthrough needed to launch your coaching business at the same time as paying the bills
  • How to get admission to resources you didn’t even know exist
  • The real truth about starting your own coaching practice
  • Tools and strategies for a successful launch
  • Tricks to use the power of proximity to surround yourself with the right people and create shortcuts for yourself

If you are serious about launching your coaching business to assist others and to make a positive affect on the earth, then this book is for you! It’s time to get began.

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