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The Art of Powerful Presentations: The Executive Woman's Guide to the Magic of Inspirational Speaking | The Difference Press

The Art of Powerful Presentations: The Executive Woman’s Guide to the Magic of Inspirational Speaking


Even if you strive for excellence at work, you realize your fear of public speaking and lack of confidence giving presentations (especially when stakes are high) holds you back from opportunities for advancement, and leaves you feeling frustrated and embarrassed. If you’re a woman with stage fright, presentation anxiety, or fear of public speaking, it’s time to gain keep watch over, quiet “that voice” feeding your fears – and learn how to speak with confidence and strength in any situation.

This book is for the woman who is made up our minds to do away with her fear and anxiety once and for all, so she can make a difference the use of her voice and be recognized, valued, and rewarded for her contributions.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Tools to become your anxiety and fear into action and inspiration
  • Why you freeze up with a room full of eyes staring back at you – and how to be relaxed anyway
  • The critical role chemistry (yes, as in science!) plays in delivering powerful presentations, and how to manage it
  • Why it’s pivotal to bring your inner artist (you have one, truly!) into every presentation
  • Why your presentation is a performance and how to deliver with confidence, clarity and authority

The Art of Powerful Presentations is for women who are in a position to commit to doing what’s necessary to become into confident and inspiring speakers. This book will help a woman use her voice to connect, make the difference she was once born to make, and authentically play her part to change the world.

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