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The HUGE Mistake Most First-Time Authors Make |

In helping nearly 1,000 authors write best-selling self-help books, we’ve found that the authors of the books that make the biggest impact begin the writing process by choosing a SINGLE ideal reader and writing their books as a love letter to that person’s heart. This isn’t something most first-time authors (and many second- and third-time authors for that matter) do automatically when they write books on their own.

What most first-time authors say is, “I need to share my story to help as many people in the world as possible.”

They think that by recounting the details of the struggles they’ve experienced, they will automatically and permanently free others from the pain of similar situations.

But here’s the thing— sharing your story is great for getting people who’ve experienced something similar to say, “Oh my gosh! Me too! I have the same problem. I’m not alone after all” but that’s often where the impact on their lives stops.

It’s great to get others to identify with what you’ve been through, but it doesn’t show them exactly how to get through it too.

The mic drops when the story ends and while they may feel seen for a few hours or days afterward – while they may share the joy, pain, sadness, and hope that your story conveys – most people will continue to live the same way with the same problems they had before knowing your story.

Sure, stories engage us… but they don’t necessarily transform us.

Without a plan to help your readers move forward, sharing your story is only entertainment and entertainment doesn’t change lives.

Here at The Author Incubator, we only work with aspiring authors of self-help books… those that take readers through an actual process to reach a specific result.

Sharing your story is always a PART of the books we publish, but the expertise you share to SOLVE A SPECIFIC PROBLEM is why anyone buys the book in the first place.

If you just want to share your story without showing readers a way to solve a problem, that’s a memoir. And writing a memoir for your first book is generally HORRIBLE advice unless you’re already famous or have a large audience of followers already interested in your story. Otherwise it’s almost a given that your memoir is NOT going to sell.

Readers are usually not interested in the “stories” of people who aren’t celebrities – or people who are already well-known in the media for some reason – but will ALWAYS be interested in someone who can help them solve a problem.

When you strive to make an impact by helping people solve actual problems, people won’t just buy your books, they’ll seek you out and will beg to pay whatever it costs for you to help them personally. This is one reason most of our authors are coaches, healers, consultants, and other types of transformational entrepreneurs.

They not only have stories to share, but marketable expertise that translates into actual dollars every time they make a difference.

You’re probably thinking, “But I’m not in it for the money.”

That’s 100% fine if you absolutely don’t care if even a single person buys or reads your book… which is likely only true if you also don’t care about leading a movement that helps change anyone’s life.

However, in order to make a huge difference in the world with your movement you have to generate money to fund the movement. Mother Theresa wasn’t in it just for the money but she made over $300 million dollars in her lifetime in order to fund her movement. It takes money to feed and clothe people. It takes money to travel to those who need your help. It takes money to pay your own bills so that you can focus on helping others. Money is just a tool.

All of our authors have a mission to make a much bigger difference with their messages than they’re currently making and are able to use their books to fund the movements they’ve created to bring hope, healing, and transformation to their readers.

Writing a book that includes your stories AND strategies to solve problems gives you much more leverage to get in front of larger audiences and serve people in the way they need to be served.

If you’re ready to use your story AND your expertise in service of guiding your readers toward tangible results, apply to write a book with use here: www.theauthorincubator.com/apply