Alison Donaghey

Change Your Business, Change the World

Remember when you thought owning your own business was going to be fun and help you change the world?

Then, somewhere along the line, your business became just hard work and wasn’t fun at all. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Change Your Business, Change the World offers a way to reclaim your business. By using a new way of thinking to improve your customer experience, staff contribution, and community involvement, you can make the positive impact on the world you’ve been yearning for. All it takes is a little shift in your critical thinking.

Change Your Business, Change the World provides examples and exercises that show you:

  • A new way of understanding your customers and turning them into allies.
  • Ways to engage your staff so that they work for you and not for your competition.
  • How to participate in your community in a meaningful way that is aligned with why you are in business.
  • How to get in touch with your thought process to move beyond the easy answer or the status quo and into a new, more aligned way of doing business.
  • The domino effect of your thinking.
  • How to understand what you really want your outcome to be – before you embark in a direction – so that the domino effect you initiate will reach further and help more.