Amy Birks

The Hustle-Free Business

The only way to succeed in this competitive world of online coaching is if you hustle, day in and day out. Or is it? Amy Birks says it’s time to quit hustling.

Hey, coach! Afraid that if you stop hustling like Gary Vaynerchuk you’ll sabotage your hard-earned success? What if you could actually get better results by working less and having more fun? The Hustle-Free Business dispels the myth that “hustle” is the only path to success. Amy Birks, The Strategy Ninja, has developed an indispensable 7-step process to help frustrated, overworked coaches generate the results they really want. No overtime required.

In this book, Amy reveals:

  • How to create a strategy that actually works for you – with Amy’s “RESULTS, Rituals” and Strategy Master Class to follow.
  • How Humanity’s Biggest Lie is holding you back from bigger success – whether you realize it or not!
  • What the magic elixir is for generating momentum and creating the results you really want – and it’s NOT what you think…
  • Why even though you may be getting results you’re still feeling unfulfilled – and exactly what to do to change that. Forever.
  • What’s preventing you from making your next big leap – and how to quit getting tripped up by it.
  • Why you shouldn’t invest in another online course, marketing formula, or guru’s blueprint to follow – maybe ever again!

If Amy Poehler and Harvey Keitel’s “The Wolf” from Pulp Fiction had a love child, Amy Birks would be it. Her block-busting, no-nonsense, take-action-now style of coaching pairs perfectly with her irreverent wit and unrestrained enthusiasm for helping her clients bring their epic missions to life today. Not tomorrow, not someday. TODAY!