Angeline Hart

Lee & Me

Are you discouraged by the dating scene? Tired of the duds you’re meeting in online dating? Sick of getting dick pics? Having trouble finding good men?

Looking for a new way to find an Ideal Man? Want to find a way out of the Dating Jungle?

Gorillas Make Great Lovers! is a unique guide to 12 Types of Men, helpfully profiled as 12 different Man-imals with different behaviors, skills, and priorities. With this book, you will get crystal clear about the type of man who is ideal for you.

You will also find answers to what has been sabotaging your relationships, strengthen your boundaries and communications skills, learn how to handle conflict and nurture yourself first.

The authors share fun and informative stories to illustrate application of the principles. This book offers the personal guidance of a coach to help you learn to escape the dating jungle and build a long-term loving relationship.