Brian Ridgway

Break Your Self-Help Addiction

Stop Working on Yourself. Step Into True Freedom. Today.

What if self-improvement is booby-trapped?

And what if there is actually a way to change your life – in all areas, all at once – by finding and shifting the ONE hidden issue that has been creating all of the stuckness all along.

Coming out of an abusive childhood and then living with the outcomes of that on-going pain, the author invested over $300,000, 30+ years and tens of thousands of hours on self-help, personal development, and business/money/success courses – as his life got worse and worse.

Finding himself homeless, desperate, suicidal, and stuck, he experienced an awakening that took him from homeless to living the dream in Hawaii in less than 90 days. In that awakening, he was given the Level 5 Paradigm.

Since that “miracle moment,” he has been able to help people around the world to take their first steps into true freedom.

Break Your Self-Help Addiction: The 5 Keys to Total Personal Freedom will help you to:

  • Access your Infinite Intelligence, Limitless Power and Ever-Present Guidance
  • “Shake off” chronic anger, sadness and fear in seconds.
  • Spot and dissolve the “hidden lie” in the majority of self-improvement work.
  • End the cycle of hope > investment > disappointment of self-help junkiedom.
  • Eliminate “the illusion of problems.”
  • Get permanently “unstuck” and begin to consciously create the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life and world of your dreams.