Cal Misener

The Freedom Framework

If what’s missing in your business is freedom and flexibility, you’ve found the right book.

Many business owners start a business in order to gain freedom, financial security, and flexibility. Unfortunately, many also end up feeling like they have to do everything themselves. As a result, they become “chained” to their business or their business feels like a job instead of a way to have more freedom.

In The Freedom Framework you will learn practical, real-world strategies for updating or creating the business of your dreams and delivering on the following success measures:

  • Create more fulfillment in your business by focusing on the things that excite you about it and getting help with the things that don’t.
  • Increase revenue by ensuring that you’re focused on high-value activities.
  • Have more freedom and more free time by engaging people who care for your business in the same way you would – and letting go of those who don’t.
  • Be able to live and work wherever you want to, by having a team that supports your business, whether you are there or not.

Where Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why and Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness leave off, this book picks up.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level by unlocking human potential, you must read this book!