Christy Lambert

Radical Abundance

For as long as author Christy Lambert can remember, the desire to have money & things, was a central theme in her life. She was absolutely convinced those things would make her happy. She learned the hard way, that money – doesn’t guarantee happiness. Or connection. Or peace. It simply means you have money.

*** So if money doesn’t guarantee happiness or peace – what does? ***

Radical Abundance: A Journey from Not Enough to Plenty, offers insights and practices designed to help you discover the answer. It’s about learning how to drop the story of not enough and embrace the reality of plenty – so you can feel more abundant with your money and in your life!

Radical Abundance comprises the eight key principals designed to to help you access true and lasting abundance – financially & spiritually. Along the way, you’ll be guided through looking at your finances, acknowledging the truth of what you have, get clear on what you want and gain insights into how money can or cannot help you get it. It’s combines practical advice on financial abundance and deep insights into how we step into a relationship with ourselves and spirit that is based on a foundation of knowing there is enough – always.