Danielle Fournier

The World Needs Your Art

The World Needs Your Art, and only you can make it.

Ever wondered why you just HAVE to make something, anything, or you will just burst?

Artists are born, not made. And if you yearn to create, that makes you an artist, no matter your medium. Photography, painting, performance art, writing, singing, or fashion, all are forms of expression of the creative soul.

Often, creative people are not encouraged to pursue their heart’s desires by the world at large. They end up frustrated, depressed, or sad because they feel they cannot share their gifts with the world. They get blocked, give up too soon, or worse yet, fail to ever start what they yearn to make. And that’s a downright shame.

The World Needs Your Art is a friendly guide to unlocking unlimited creativity while developing your style and learning to never be blocked for very long again by tapping into that innate gift called imagination.

In this book, author and full-time artist Danielle E. Fournier teaches you how to access your inner wisdom to begin creating the art you are so ready to see come to life with stories, fun exercises, and some gentle soul-searching, like:

  • Everything you need to succeed is already inside of you
  • It’s OK to think completely differently than everyone you know
  • How to turn any creative block around quickly
  • How to turn criticism into experience
  • Optimizing working conditions to make creation easy
  • Developing your own style
  • Learning how to deal with criticism, rejection, and self-doubt
  • Finding a great mentor who has your back
  • Using Casual Magic to unlock what’s already inside of you