Denise Morett


You Can Manage When a Child Is Dealing with a Life-Threatening or Serious Medical Issue

Is your life filled with stress due to your child’s medical issue? Do you find yourself swirling in a sea of feelings and thoughts while trying to navigate medical situations, child’s school issues, social issues, challenges to time and job commitments, and extreme changes in family relationships? How can you find some way to manage the seemingly unimaginable? LIFELINE is the resource you need. In this book, Dr. Denise Morett provides validation and support along with tools and strategies.

You’ll learn:

  • How to feel more at peace, manage worry, and sleep better.
  • How to feel physically and emotionally healthy and balanced.
  • How to deal with medical situations and settings.
  • How to deal with changes in your child, family, and social networks.
  • How to avoid the long term effects of chronic stress and trauma.
  • How to thrive and be empowered in the face of challenges.

Denise Morett, Psy. D., is a psychologist with over 25 years of experience treating individuals and families, including those with a family member facing serious or life-threatening medical issues. Dr. Morett found herself in those exact circumstances when her son was diagnosed with a very rare, life-threatening illness. Driven by her own search for supportive resources, Dr. Morett provides ways to cope with one of the most challenging circumstances a parent can encounter.