Erika Flint

Reprogram Your Weight

You Can Reprogram Your Weight with Hypnosis

Are you struggling with your weight – tired of thinking about food all the time, and feel like your eating is out of control? Do you know what you’re supposed to do to lose weight, but often have a hard time consistently following through? Do you feel like there’s something deeper going on inside that’s keeping you from achieving your weight loss goal – but you don’t know how to get at it and fix it?

In Reprogram Your Weight , award-winning hypnotist Erika Flint combines insightful and leading edge hypnosis techniques with client success stories of weight loss to help you lose the weight once and for all:

  • Learn how to reprogram the mind and create healthy habits so you’re not thinking about food all the time.
  • Learn a powerful strategy to eliminate emotional eating forever.
  • See how clients used specific brain “hacks” that helped them amplify what they naturally did well to lose weight faster.
  • Learn a systematic method to incrementally and consistently lose weight that doesn’t include a food plan, or an excessive exercise program.
  • Discover how to spot and remove “bad” data that is holding you back from your weight loss goals.
  • Learn a new way to think about food that makes losing weight easier than ever before.
  • Learn to use your body’s natural and unique strengths to accelerate your ability to lose weight.
  • And much, much more.