Jerre Ader

I Can’t Believe I Dated Him

An Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Relationships

While you want a relationship that is inspiring, adventurous and fulfilling, you find yourself in luke-warm dating situations full of doubt and uncertainty. The past makes you gun-shy to getting hopeful about something new because speaking from experience, high expectations lead to disappointment. Reading this book, even if you are planning to take a year off men, will teach you how to embrace the power of your emotions, laugh at your imperfections, and courageously say no to the wrong relationships as you wait for the right one.

A Seven Step Formula

I Can’t Believe I Dated Him is an intelligent woman’s guide to breaking up with the wrong men and having the courage to celebrate the right ones. Relationship expert, Jackie Viramontez, lays out seven steps to turn the worst relationship patterns into an opportunity to create the relationship you crave. Bombarded by conflicting messages

  • Why do I keep dating narcissists?
  • Why do I still care what he thinks?
  • Is this my fear or intuition?
  • Why does he have so much potential (that he is not living up to)?

Jackie answers by challenging readers to redefine their emotions, empathy and authenticity.

Tapping into Emotional and Relationship Health

Since opening her private practice, Jackie has helped hundreds of women leave perfectionism, people pleasing and inadequacy behind. She has empowered clients to leave the wrong relationships and watched as they met and fell in love with their soul mates. She uses her journalism degree from Syracuse University, and certifications as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and Reiki Master to create coaching plans that create lasting behavioral and emotional change. Jackie has trained men and women in EFT “tapping” alongside Dawson Church and Dale Teplitz. When she is not coaching women in Los Angeles, she is creating or teaching creative empowerment workshops in schools and women’s organizations nationally and internationally.

I Can’t Believe I Dated Him includes the practical insights of Brene Browne’s The Gifts of Imperfection, the soul centered activities of Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map, and the scientifically backed modalities of Nick Ortner’s Tapping Solution.

No matter how many books you’ve read about dating, boundaries, and calling in the one, you have wound up with the wrong men. Three months in a deceivingly good relationship has revealed that the nice guy he pretended to be was a facade. When this happens, you are tempted to beat yourself up. Don’t. The doubt, anger and regret are showing up for a different reason than what you might think.

If you want to stop falling for narcissists, and find a man with emotional intelligence, confidence and compassion, click “add to cart” and get on your way to a regret-free relationship status.