Jenny Johnston

Tapping Into Past Lives

Have you wondered why you’ve worked on fears, phobias and negative beliefs but they still seem to be sabotaging your life? What if they’re not just present now or in your childhood, but are actually occurring at a Soul Level? Perhaps that fear of ‘playing big’ that is ruling your life, originated in another. Being able to get to the original time that these beliefs and patterns were laid down is crucial to being able to dissolve them and their flow through to the present and the future as well.

What about your passions and gifts? Where did they come from? Did you come in to this life with them? Are there more you can go and claim?

If you believe that you’ve lived before (and more than 80% of humanity does), doesn’t it make sense to look at what you have learned throughout all of your lives? With Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash (all of your lives), you get to learn how to do just that.

Jenny Johnston, Australian author, past life regression hypnotherapist and EFT trainer (meridian tapping), has combined her expertise in these areas with the spiritual teachings and wisdom of Kryon to create Quantum EFT for the Soul. In her Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash Workshops and personal sessions, she safely guides you into past lives to browse through this storehouse with the intent of first healing that which is still impacting you now, then ‘mining’ your Akash to search for and activate talents, gifts, higher learning relevant for this life. Incorporating the wisdom of innate through the meridians and the blueprint of the stem cells, past and present lives and biology are changed in the now.

Read Jenny’s own story of why and how she was led to this technique. Enjoy the fascinating stories of how lives were transformed, understood, old patterns released and new skills and knowledge gained. All this while holding the hand of their higher self and guides who lead them with their permission and highest intent. All of this under the expert guidance and intent of Jenny, for their sacred journey to be safe and purposeful for them, both then and now.