Jill Angie

Running With Curves!

Do you think running sucks?

Do you think you're too fat to run?

Look no further, because this is the book of running tips for you. With humor, compassion, and lots of love, Jill Angie delivers the goods: overcoming the challenges of running with an overweight body and giving your self-esteem an enormous boost in the process.

This isn't a guide to running for weight loss, or a simple running plan. This book is specifically about how a woman carrying a few (or many) extra pounds can successfully become a runner in the body she has right now.

Drawing on 15 years of experience as a curvy runner, Jill gives you everything you won't find in the typical beginner's running book, such as standing up to your inner mean girl, finding the right sports bra, and building up your self-confidence one step at a time. No matter what size you are, by the end of this book, even the most beginner runner will realize they are capable of much more than they ever thought possible.

Not Your Average 5K

If you've ever tried a Couch to 5K training plan that promised to work for anyone, only to end up quitting after three weeks because it was too hard, this is the book for you.

Building on the concepts taught in the best-selling book Running With Curves, Why You're Not Too Fat to Run and the Skinny on How to Start Today, Jill Angie gives you everything you need to finish your first race—and feel great about it—including a step-by-step training plan that takes into account all the challenges of being an overweight athlete in a size-six world.

Where other training plans fail you, this book steps in and gets you to the finish line with ease, bringing out your inner runner girl and showing you that you're capable of so much more than you ever thought possible.

This book is for anyone who wants to complete their first 5K. That means you don’t even have to be a runner right now. As long as you can walk for 3 miles, you will be able to do a 5K in two months. I promise. Also, this book is designed to train you to finish that 5K in a way that feels good to you, both mentally and physically. That means you can walk, run, skip, or even disco dance your way across the finish line. Now, if you’ve already done a 5K (or two… or five), this doesn’t mean you won’t get anything out of this book. Just the opposite, in fact. There is a truckload of helpful information here that will help you take your 5K performance to the next level.

Praise for Not Your Average 5K

"Jill Angie has created a 5K training plan that not only gets you to the finish line but addresses the #1 reason that many new (and experienced) runners face when taking on new challenges. Mindset. In this easy to follow program, Jill walks you through exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to get rid of self doubt, fear and anxiety known as your "inner mean girl" so that you finish strong, confident, and proud. Whether you struggle with the physical aspects, mental aspects, both or neither, this guide will have you totally prepared on race day. "
—Steve Carmichael, running coach and host of The RunBuzz podcast,

"Not Your Average 5K is a highly readable and engaging book that will have you BELIEVING you can do a 5K in eight weeks and provides a roadmap with plans to accomplish it. It is authentic, thorough, and motivational from start to finish! We highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to do their first 5K."
—Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano of Run The Edge,

Not Your Average Half Marathon

Have you ever wondered if you've got what it takes to finish a half marathon?

Will you be able to finish? How many hours a week will it take to train? What if you're too slow? What if you come in last? Will you have to give up cupcakes forever and drink only green smoothies? How do you even get started with something this big?

Jill Angie has all the answers. Drawing on her own personal experience as a certified running coach, she gives you everything you need to know to succeed your very first time, and have fun doing it. You'll find stories, examples, and practical guidance to help you get started and stay motivated throughout the whole training process. Not Your Average Half Marathon will have you rushing to sign up for your first race as soon as you turn the final page!

You will:

  • Learn how to get past self-doubt and fear of failure.
  • Discover ways to keep yourself motivated throughout your training.
  • Understand the importance of a structured training plan and how to make it fit into your busy schedule.
  • Uncover your hidden running superpowers and use them to your advantage.
  • Find out how to stay committed to your training without feeling guilty that you're leaving your family and friends in the lurch.
  • Feel the joy and pride of accomplishment as you cross the finish line with ease.