Julie A. Pierce

I Still Want To Be A Mom

What’s Up with Your Fertility?

Sometimes getting to parenthood isn’t as easy breezy as you were led to believe. After all the years spent telling your body not to get pregnant, now you want a baby. Sometimes doctors don’t have satisfying answers or solutions, and dealing with all the decisions can be overwhelming and confusing, and there’s so much noise about infertility. If you are feeling sad, frustrated, broken, and exhausted right now, you don’t have to feel this way anymore. In this book, Julie Pierce shares what she’s learned through years of working with women struggling their way to motherhood; and she was one of them.

With this book, you’ll understand:

  • The #1 mistake we make about being ready to have a baby
  • The truth about why it’s still not happening for you
  • How to confidently know what is possible for you
  • What your body needs most and how to get that

You can stop the struggle and return to that beautiful place of confidence and joy that you started this journey with, and now you’ll know how.