Kathleen Harper

The Well-Crafted Mom

Discover new ways to carve out time for yourself and create more happiness for you and your family. In The Well-Crafted Mom, Kathleen Ann Harper weaves together been-in-your-shoes stories, contemporary sociological and psychological research, and inspirational crafts to help you find solutions to common situations for moms:

  • How to grapple with mommy guilt and win.
  • Tips on how to say no to what you don’t want to do.
  • Time management tools to help you carve out time for yourself – and what to do with your time once you’ve reclaimed it.
  • Ways to tell the difference between having a mess and being a mess, and why it matters.
  • How expectations steal your happiness and what you can do to take it back.
  • How to understand that self-care isn’t selfish and is the place from which your true strength grows.
  • Ideas for making inner-circle friends – and why they’re so important.
  • Strategies for improving your self-talk dialogue and why it’s crucial that you do.

A reference book for busy moms, The Well-Crafted Mom is the middle sister between Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star and Brave Girls Club founder Melody Ross’ Choose Happy. In the pages of The Well-Crafted Mom you’ll find reassurance, see yourself in familiar stories, and discover ideas for crafting your beautiful life.

Signs of a Happy Baby

What does your baby want to say? You can find out – even before your baby can verbally speak – by using baby sign language. Signs of a Happy Baby gives you everything you need to start signing with your baby, including a comprehensive dictionary with easy-to-follow photos of fun and practical American Sign Language (ASL) signs, and tips for integrating sign language into your everyday activities.

Signing with your baby will help you to:

  • Discover why your baby is crying – whether it’s because something hurts, she’s hungry, or her diaper needs changing.
  • Reduce frustration for everyone. Without spoken words, your preverbal baby can only tell you what he wants by pointing, crying, or using unintelligible grunts and noises. Signing gives pre-verbal babies a way to communicate and can later ease the tantrums of the “terrible twos.”
  • Find out what your baby wants to eat and when she’s all done, thus easing mealtime battles.
  • Know what interests your child by engaging in signing conversations – and build a stronger bond with your baby in the process.
  • Integrate sign language into songs, games, and stories to jumpstart your child’s verbal communication development and to facilitate cognitive benefits.
  • Get armed with information and evidence-based research so you can deal with the skeptics.
  • Be inspired by real-life stories from parents who share how signing increased their children’s verbal language skills, built a bridge in bilingual families, and created communication pathways in special needs circumstances.

Start signing with your baby now. What your baby has to say will blow you away!