Kelli Reese

The Destiny Roadmap

Are you caught in a life that no longer fits?

Many of us have moments where we feel unfulfilled, but how do we know when to stop shoving the discomfort aside and courageously answer the call to do something else? If you’ve stared across the abyss of The Void – that place where one door has closed and another has yet to open – and wondered what’s on the other side, The Destiny Roadmap is the way to find out.

Author Kelli Reese meets you where you are and empathically guides you on an adventure to discover where your heart wants to be. The Destiny Roadmap is about a journey of trust and offers manageable tools and techniques, along with an exploration of your Akashic Records, to create a life in alignment with your soul calling. Anyone can co-create the life of their dreams, and The Destiny Roadmap shows you how.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • To recognize the signs and opportunities presented in your own life
  • Why it’s important to be courageous enough to follow the path, even if we have no idea where it’s going
  • A proven method to approach the fears that inevitably stop us in our tracks

The Destiny Roadmap picks up where Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions and Richard Bolles’ What Color Is Your Parachute leave off. Everything we want is on the other side of The Void, but we’re required to go through our fear to get to it.

Are you ready?