Kevin Snook

Make It Right

Manufacturing can be frustrating because of endless people challenges, equipment failures, schedule interruptions, and the looming threat of major quality issues. Labor costs rise, employee and customer expectations increase, manufacturing budgets are cut – and you’re required to deliver more with less.

In this groundbreaking book, Kevin Snook reveals how the manufacturing leader can be instrumental in making it right. He shares simple but powerful practices for rapidly turning a manufacturing division around, distilling his 30 years of frontline experience with managing hundreds of the world’s best (and worst) manufacturing companies into a step-by-step alignment process that you can use to implement change that’s effective in days rather than years.

Make It Right shows you how to simply align your manufacturing business to ensure that:

  • Your manufacturing employees work on the basics every day, without being monitored, to guarantee consistent product quality.
  • You can step back from day-to-day management of issues and focus on growing the business.
  • Any potential issues are exposed early, so they can be effectively resolved, with no surprises.
  • A highly engaged team of manufacturing employees greets you with genuine enthusiasm and improvement suggestions each time you visit.
  • Your world-class manufacturing facility is a source of pride that customers, suppliers, and people in the local community ask to visit.

Kevin has led companies around the world based on the methods of management legends like Peter F. Drucker, and has implemented lean, high-performance work systems. In the era of Industry 4.0, Kevin has built on those foundations to formulate a highly effective process for aligning your manufacturing organization to deliver sustainable growth.

Make It Right’s message is clear: Leading a highly successful manufacturing company can be simple, enjoyable, and thoroughly rewarding – if you align the process from the frontline to the bottom line.