Kimberlie Chenoweth

Reclaiming Wholeness

Reclaiming Wholeness offers a surprisingly resonant take on letting your light shine here on earth.

You know you’re here for a reason, and you want to shine. But you’re sensitive and a bit of an introvert. You’ve been hiding, like a seed buried beneath the snow longing for springtime. Well, my friend, it is time to sprout. Time to let your soul roots wiggle their way downward and outward into fertile soil, grounding you so you can reach your hands to the light and proclaim: I am here.

Through this book, author Kimberlie Chenoweth will help you gather your courage to burst the husk. More than a workbook with five easy steps to discovering your gifts or your life purpose, this book is an invitation to let your sensitive self tend the seeds of your becoming in some novel ways. Part memoir, part evocative mentor, it offers a thoughtful way to help you germinate the seeds of your becoming so you can blossom organically into wholeness.

Here, Bill Plotkin’s Soulcraft meets David Whyte’s Crossing the Unknown Sea, with a bit of Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies watering the seeds of this story of becoming.

  • Be inspired by the author as she recounts her own journey to wholeness
  • Find sources of love that may surprise you
  • Discover the link between childhood wounding and your life purpose
  • Explore a radical way of homing in on your work and place in the world
  • Learn the most frequently missed source of wholeness

Walking in Wholeness

“Give me wide open spaciousness to explore the world, make dreams come true with my closest friends, and create a real difference in the lives of others. That’s the creed I used to live by. Now I spend most of my time taking care of other people at home and at work, serving their needs and their dreams. These are people I love and care about, but I don’t know if they even see the real me anymore. I’m so tired and stressed at the end of the day that even I don’t remember who I am. My heart and soul are secretly crying out for more, but I try not to let other people see my tears. The truth is… I miss my freedom, my tribe, my deep connection to nature.”

Does the life you’re living match up with the life you’ve imagined for yourself? If there’s room for improvement—and you’re ready for a change—this book offers a glimpse into a transformative new way of restoring wellbeing to your life. Wouldn’t you love to feel fully alive again, so caught up in a moment of magic that anything seems possible? If there was a way to recapture the spirit of the way things used to be—without adding more demands to your day—would you be interested?

Walking in Wholeness introduces a knowledge of wholeness that can do just that for you. This knowledge is grounded in a long lineage of Andean wisdom keepers, and it has the power to shift the way you be. It’s here for you—a woman of purpose whose gifts are vital, not only for you and your loved ones but for the world. You are here to make a difference, and you don’t have to turn your life upside down to make it so. There is a community of like-hearted women waiting to welcome you home and to support you as you reclaim the real you.

Even if it currently seems impossible, you can…

  • Realize your dreams
  • Find your tribe
  • Be whole again