Lala Jackson

Beyond Powerful

Achieve anything you want while living with chronic illness

Are you frustrated by being constantly sidelined by your health? Do you feel like every time you dig into a project your chronic disease gets in the way? Do you worry that living with a chronic illness means you will never feel well enough to reach your goals?

In Beyond Powerful: Your Chronic Illness Is Not Your Kryptonite, Lala Jackson weaves personal anecdotes of being an overachiever living with autoimmune disease with inspiring and entertaining stories of go-getters who use the super powers gained by life with chronic illness to reach massive goals.

  • Learn how living with chronic illness has made you powerful
  • Embrace the super powers you already have to crush your goals
  • Be inspired by other overachievers living with chronic disease

If you are someone who lives with chronic health issues and are searching for a way to keep running toward exactly what you want to bring to the world, click add to cart now and get beyond powerful!