Lee Heyward

Strategically Suited

Step out of your own shadow and into opportunity

You have a thriving business, but do you have a sneaking suspicion you may be missing out on potential opportunities?

You’re successful. You know how to get dressed. You listened when people talked about dressing for success. But what if you could take your business to the next level simply by up-leveling your look? What if, simply by getting dressed with intention, you could increase sales, get new clients, and easily land any opportunity that comes your way?

The way you present yourself is a secret sales weapon. It gives you an edge within your industry. And all you have to do to activate that edge is change your clothes.

In this book, image expert and author Lee Heyward teaches you:

  • How creating an image with an edge will instantly increase sales.
  • Why the way you present yourself could be slowing down your sales cycle.
  • The four-step formula that lands new clients.
  • Why the clothing you wear commands the price you’re able to charge.
  • How to ensure the way you look matches the opportunities you’re after.

When you read this book, you’ll discover how to grow your business. You’re also going to look and feel better. You’ll be strategically suited. More importantly, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to make more money, so that you can make a bigger impact on the world, spend more time with the people you love, and be able to do what you’ve been put on this earth to do.

A longtime image and sales strategist, Lee Heyward knows that when you up-level your look, you’ll feel great, have more fun, and close more business.

Open up and get started!