Lisa Culhane

Discover the New G Spot (or How to Unfriend Your Guilt)

Is unproductive guilt dragging you down? In Discover the New G Spot, Lisa Culhane will show you how to unfriend guilt—permanently!

That’s right. Unfriend guilt and stop beating yourself up for:

  • Not having a balanced life,
  • Not having the perfect body,
  • Letting your children watch TV,
  • Not calling your mother,
  • Spending time relaxing by indulging in things such as food porn or People magazine,
  • Short-changing your family while you focus on your career,
  • Short-changing your career while you focus on your family.

In a style best described as The Sex Lives of Cannibals meets Finding Your Way In a Wild New World, Discover the New G Spot will take you on a journey of self-discovery that replaces the guilt with gratitude.

Join Lisa on this journey and discover the spark that’s been missing.