Liz Lajoie

From Zero to Zen

Are you frustrated with your finances and ready for a painless solution?

Is your coaching or creative business ramping up, but your bookkeeping gets you down? Do you cringe when you have to deal with your finances, and wish it could just be easy?

From Zero to Zen shows you how to manage your money so your business is fabulously successful. When you dig into your books and learn exactly what to do and when, you’ll take your business to a whole new level.

This book is for motivated coaches and creative professionals who want to help people and make money. Author Liz Lajoie shows you:

  • How to identify the money mindset challenges that are holding you back.
  • Bookkeeping best practices for signing clients, getting paid, and making strategic financial decisions.
  • How to manage your money during the good times so you can get through the bad times.
  • How to recognize whether you’re running the show or your finances are running you.
  • The reason some businesses are successful – and how you can be, too.
  • And much more…

From Zero to Zen is like a combination of Bookkeeping Essentials and Sacred Success. You can have the best of both the practical and the meaningful as you manage your finances.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the financial management required to run an outstanding coaching or creative business, this book will set you on the road to success!