Maggie McReynolds


Haven’t You and Your Kids Settled Enough?

The marriage you’d been settling for no longer worked, so you took a big leap and resolved to build something better for your kids. But somewhere along the way, the anxiety over whether your kids are going to be okay has disconnected you from the fierce Warrior Mama who made that brave choice. Take heart. Divorce is awful, but its aftermath is one of the richest opportunities you’ll ever be given to redefine yourself, dream big dreams, and make bold, life-defining choices about who you are, how you want to parent, and what you want to model for your kids.

In Un-Settling, longtime magazine writer, life coach, divorced mom, and Un-Settling Woman Maggie McReynolds shows you how to:

  • Learn exactly where you’ve been settling, how to stop, and how to reach for more for you and your kids
  • Get past guilt, get over grudges, and get rid of the emotional yuck that’s holding you back
  • Find the balance between being your kid’s best friend and your home’s sole disciplinarian
  • Establish healthy boundaries and great lines of communication with your ex
  • Leverage the life hacks and secrets of abundant divorced moms who play life on a big scale
  • And much more!

With the exhilarating fresh-start boldness of Under the Tuscan Sun and the tender, wry wisdom of Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions, Un-Settling teaches you how to create the post-divorce life you’ve been longing for.

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