Melissa S. Morrison

Unstick Your Stuck

Gain clarity and live a fulfilled life

Current status: unfulfilled. You’ve settled in your career, and you don’t know how to get off the dead-end road you find yourself on. Don’t worry – the exit is right here under the “Playing Bigger” sign, and Unstick Your Stuck provides the navigation. Author Melissa Morrison worked at a job she hated for over a decade. It took four softballs to the head and one major concussion for her to get ready to change her career and her life, and now she’s living a fulfilled life beyond what she’d ever dreamed was possible. One thing she knows for sure: you don’t have to wait to get your bell rung!

In Unstick Your Stuck, you’ll learn:

  • Why you are staying in your current state of unfulfillment
  • What you will need to take the exit to playing bigger
  • How to take steps towards finding what will lead to fulfillment
  • How to gain clarity on what your dream looks like
  • How to take that leap off the edge so you can soar in your life

Take your life from mediocre and unfulfilled to finding your passion and taking the lead in your life. As the author says, “I dare you.”