Michelle Lowbridge

Wealthology: The Science of Smashing Money Blocks

In the near future, every entrepreneur will want a coach who can deal with subconscious blocks to creating wealth. Your clients are probably already reading Napoleon Hill, Wallace D Wattles and Gay Hendricks, and eager to know how and why they’re blocking money, and what to do about it.

Forget months of mindset work and journaling exercises to figure out why your clients aren’t making more money. It can now be done in minutes.

This book is your essential manual for smashing your clients’ money blocks.

The Wealthology® system allows you to quickly identify how your client relates to money - their Wealthology Profile - and the exact places to find their money blocks - the Wealthology Themes.

Cross reference your client's profile with each money block theme and you have a complete guide to how, why and where they're blocking money, and what to do about it.

With this book as your guide, you can:

  • Coach with absolute confidence
  • Get fantastic results for your clients
  • Build an enviable body of case studies
  • Generate word-of-mouth referrals
  • Attract high-quality clients
  • Command high-level investments

You know your clients have the potential to be superheroes. They just need someone to eliminate their kryptonite.

That’s what The Science of Smashing Money Blocks is all about.

The Agile CEO

When you find yourself Googling ‘CEO + anxiety + decision-making’, something’s got to give.

It doesn’t have to be your sanity.

As the global economy buckles up for a bumpy ride, you’re under more pressure than ever.

Keeping everyone happy – customers, employees, investors, shareholders – is way more than a full-time job.


Imagine if you could follow a set of simple principles that meant:

  • You were confident in every decision, instead of agonising over who you might infuriate next.
  • You could relax in the knowledge that you’re consistently doing the right thing, instead of constantly bracing for an attack.
  • You were naturally self-assured, and happy to speak in public, instead of dreading being confronted with a microphone.

This isn’t mission impossible.

Your life can be like this right here, right now, when you understand the 7 New Laws of Business and become an Agile CEO.