Misty Lown

One Small Yes

It’s the small decisions that lead to big results. You were born to live a life of significance. But busyness and fear of failure can overwhelm and get in the way. One Small Yes was written for people who want to make an impact but are not sure where to start.

This book is for you if you have ever wondered:

  • What am I here for?
  • What is my calling?
  • Can I follow my calling without losing my family or my sanity?
  • If what I see in my mind is possible, how on earth can I get it all done?

Forget about complicated calendars or excessive goal setting exercises. Following your calling is about moving forward, one small yes decision at a time.

This book will help you:

  • Learn real strategies to block distractions
  • Know how to slow down and when to accelerate
  • Understand how personality influences your decisions
  • Know when to push on and when to pivot in a new direction
  • Prioritize activities amidst the many demands for your time
  • Say yes to the better and best activities

No matter the size of your dream or the difference you feel called to make, your journey starts with One Small Yes.