Are You Still There God?
It’s Me, Jodi

Jodi Brichta-Coyne

Simply Living Well
Darla Bruno

Fat Be Gone
Carleasa Coates

Travis Collier

Discover the New G Spot
Lisa Culhane

How to Heal Psoriasis
from the Inside Out

Marna J. Currie

Mastering Your Everyday Superpower
Janette Dalgliesh

Your Everyday Superpower
Janette Dalgliesh

Choosing Delight
Leyla Day

Personal Alchemy
Michelle Martin Dobbins

Relationship Alchemy
Michelle Martin Dobbins

Beat the Belly Fat Blues
Karen Donaldson

An Inside Job
Bethany Eaton

The Mother Within
Christine Erickson

If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I
Get Rid of this Clutter?

Sallie Felton

It’s Not Rocket Science
Susan Foster

Zen and the Art of Making
a Morris Chair

Randy Gafner

Vibe Your Way to Fit,
Healthy & Hot

Charity Gonzalez

Change Your Perception, Change Your Life
Justin Harmon

Fierce Integrity
Maren Hasse

Surviving 30
Karen Hawkwood

The Lotus Project
Lyn Hicks

Mike Hrostoski

Create Your Own Luck
Susan Hyatt

Tapping Into Past Lives
Jenny Johnston

Foreign Invaders
Dara Jones

Own It
Tricia Karp

Every Time I Diet
I Gain 5 Pounds

Galina Knopman

Radical Abundance
Christy Lambert

Love to Lead, Lead to Love
Janeen Latini

The Difference
Angela Lauria

Why Can’t I Be Happy?
Angela Lauria

Dealing with Conflict at Work
Thilan Legierse

The Crowdfunding Book
Patty Lennon

Bankrupt at Birth
Joe Mason

The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma
Tami Mathisen

Speak Up for Your Business
Dr. Michelle Mazur

Cleansing & Detox
Made Simple

Tricia McCauley

Daughters on Duty
Jackie McDaniels

Why Is She Acting So Weird?
Jenn McRobbie

Smartypants Branding
Danielle M. Miller

Sasha Mobley

Craving Love
Shelly Young Modes

Investing Secrets for a Champagne Life
Cassie Parks

Money Mondset for a Champagne Life
Cassie Parks

Ceiba’s Grace
Nicole Pouchet

Layla’s Gale
Nicole Pouchet

Sex, Lies & Creativity
Julia Roberts

Regret Free Personal Finance
Ben Sands

Journey to Authenticity
Emily Schvaneveldt

Facing Up to It
Dawn Shaw

Three Guys Walk Into a Bar
Jim Shields

Another Kind of Free
Nicole Skuba

Hot Over 50
Julie Stass

Why Smart People Do
Stupid Things

Frank Stass

Mafia | Kitten
Valerie LaPenta Steiger

Is It Them or Is It Me?
Martha Weber

Seascape: A Novel
Martha Weber

Stolen Blood
Tracy Weiss

The Boy Who Became
Father Christmas

James Wilmot