Rachel Hart

Why Can’t I Drink Like Everyone Else?

Have you ever silently asked yourself this question? Do you wonder why sometimes it feels like alcohol has a pull over you that you don’t understand and don’t like to talk about? Are you frustrated that other people can control how much they drink without any problem, when your efforts are often hit or miss?

I spent years trying to answer these questions for myself and untangle this mystery. Deep down I was afraid that my drinking was always going to be a problem, and I grew more and more frustrated of the repercussions. As the years mounted, I worried that not being able to reign myself in meant something was really wrong with me.

There is a solution and it doesn’t require that you wear a label for the rest of your life or admit to being powerless. In fact, the tools outlined in this book will reveal to you just how much power you have. You’ll learn the exercises I teach my one-on-one clients including:

  • How the most common frameworks for understanding over-drinking miss the mark.
  • Why alcohol can feel like a crutch and how not to need it.
  • The surprising answer to what’s really fueling your desire to drink.
  • How to have fun, feel confident, and deal with stress without a glass in your hand.
  • The reason why willpower and discipline aren’t the solution.
  • Techniques for overcoming the most common obstacles.
  • How to take a break from drinking without feeling miserable or like you’re missing out.