Randi Rubenstein

Am I Screwing Up My Kids?

You swore you were going to raise your kids differently… so why are your parents’ words coming out of your mouth?

Maybe you find yourself yelling at 5:30 p.m. during the notorious witching hour? Or what about all those triggered moments, like when your child still hasn’t finished putting on his shoes for school and you have reminded him no less than twenty-seven times!

We all want happiness and success for our children throughout their lives. The worry of screwing up the people you love the most is attached to the thought that your behavior will possibly hinder their future state of being. You want the world for them.

Am I Screwing Up My Kids? shows how to change the patterns you intended to bury from your own childhood by closing the Conscious Parenting Gap – allowing you to access in the heat of the moment that file in your brain with all those parenting tools you took the time to learn. As you close the Conscious Parenting Gap, you will be able to show up as the level-headed adult you truly want to be in your life and especially with your kids. Your confidence and clarity will shine brightly on the fact that you will be sending them off into the world with a rock solid foundation.

Using real life stories and practical depictions, Am I Screwing Up My Kids? combines the teachings of Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Brené Brown, and Martha Beck with a real-life down-in-the trenches-mama perspective to create a fun and insightful read.

Our kids will be out in the world without us before we know it. The time is now to become reacquainted with the forgotten dreams you had for yourself, your life, and your family years ago. Inspiration and tools abound within these pages to support you in closing the Conscious Parenting Gap and creating the fun, loving, connected experience you want for your family.