Ryan Mendenhall

Selling Well

This book gives order to the awesome ideas shared at The Author’s Catapult 2014 Book Marketing Summit. I interviewed 29 book marketing experts, bestselling authors and savvy digital marketers. Collectively they’ve helped to sell MILLIONS and MILLIONS of books. I asked them “How would you sell 1,000 books in 21 days?”

Those who have these five relationships down are the ones that are actually thriving. One can sell 1,000 books in 21 days without them in place, but only a 5 Relationship-focused expert can build on the momentum of a launch and turn it into an amazing business success.

The relationships start from within and move progressively outward. These are the very tools that a client of mine used to double her audience and triple her sales during an amazing book launch:

  • Relationship 1: Your Mindset
  • Relationship 2: Your Message
  • Relationship 3: Your Marketing
  • Relationship 4: Your Members
  • Relationship 5: Your Money

In the book there are questions to ask yourself as well as an action plan to help you put each relationship into motion in your business.

Relationship 1: Your Mindset

When very successful people were asked by Napoleon Hill near the turn of the century what got them their wealth, in one way or another they referred to their mental ability to create before creating physically in the real world. Building on timeless principles Your Mindset is about creating that working relationship with yourself that fosters growth, ability and confidence to turn your dreams into reality.

Relationship 2: Your Message

Confidence that you have something that will better lives leads successful authors to get to know their audience in a deep, meaningful way. The message you share stems from this awareness of your reader and creates something that truly resonates with them. If the first relationship is “know thyself,” this one is “know your reader.” In relationship 2 we share hot tips for targeting your ideal reader.

Relationship 3: Your Marketing

While many experts have the first two relationships down, this is where some things start to break down. They know they want to get the word out and often they are trying so hard. They blog, they tweet, they tell people. But in the end it feels like an uphill battle. This relationship is about partners, those who already have built trust with your ideal readers. This is a core part of my group success program and it’s a core part of a platform that thrives. Here we uncover the secrets to building a big audience fast.

Relationship 4: Your Members

I’m not sure if it’s baggage from the past that keeps many experts from making regular and clear invites…Fear of rejection or something similar? If so, I can relate. But I can testify how a plan to do invite readers to become members of your group will that also share how to set up a plan that both encourages new subscribers and keeps them fiercely loyal.

Relationship 5: Your Money

Likely if any one of the five relationships is missing, it’s this one. Money’s ability to come to you hinges on your ability to create the systems that money likes. Money is just a trust that people have in your ability to solve their problems. That trust increases exponentially when you assure your members that they’re safe with you. I divulge some of the basic systems that actually make money, increase average orders and do so without breaking your back.