Shari O’Loughlin

Life from the Ashes

Will I ever get my life back after my child died?

After carefully building a fulfilling professional and family life, Shari’s family got the news no one ever wants to hear, and she became the mother no one ever wants to be. On a regular summer day, her 14-year-old son, Connor, was killed in an airplane crash on the way home from a four-day vacation. A parent’s worst nightmare came true, and instantly she was given a new life she would never choose. And her dark journey began.

If you are navigating the perilous journey of traumatic loss, the path is agonizing. You can’t believe this is your life, and happiness, faith or wholeness seem reserved for everyone else. In honor of Connor and her family, Shari authentically shares her dark and raw journey of pain that evolves to a place of transformation, renewal, and unexpected hope. In Life From The Ashes she answers your questions of whether you can ever feel happy again, how you can live with this new life, if you can have faith again when God let your child die, and whether your despair and anger will ever end.

As Shari shares the steps she took toward living again, her journey reveals many unexpected and sacred gifts.

You will discover that you can:

  • feel hope, beauty and joy again
  • find new meaning through your loss
  • learn ways to know your child is still with you
  • recognize that our souls are eternal and your child is not gone
  • experience a greater connection with God and learn to trust again
  • discover that blessings come in even the most painful moments

Shari shares her path from darkness to light so that you can find yours. If you have been devastated by loss, learn how you can be happy again while finding hope, deeper faith and greater meaning in your life.