Sharon Pope

Soulful Truth Telling: Disbelieving The Lies That Keep Us From The Love We Desire

We were born from love. We can’t live without love. To love and to be loved is all we’re really here to do.

Soulful Truth Telling is for every woman (and a few brave men) who has struggled to create and sustain the deep, soulful and lasting love she desires.

Over time, we’ve come to believe some lies about love that are the very things keeping us from the love we desire. This is the stuff that nobody tells you about finding love. It’s about disbelieving the lies we’ve learned about love and allowing a deeper truth to rise to the surface. It’s about using our past experiences in love to help light the path towards our true desires.

Truth is the single most important factor to creating the love we desire. Without the truth, we believe that our own stories about what has happened to us, rather than what has happened through and for us. Without the truth, there’s nowhere to go and there’s nothing to work with. You cannot grow fruit from a bed of lies and you cannot have a breakthrough in love based in half-truths.

It is Soulful Truth Telling because disbelieving the lies and uncovering the real truth about love should feel more like wiggling a tooth loose rather than open heart surgery.

Finding and creating lasting love has very little to do with what you’re doing, what action you’re taking and so much more to do with who you’re becoming. And we never stop becoming.

Soulful Truth Telling is your doorway to peace and clarity.

Soulful Truth Telling is your key to healing and forgiveness.

Soulful Truth Telling is your path to the love you desire and deserve.

Soulful Truth Telling: Am I in the Wrong Marriage?

There are some things we don’t discuss. There are some topics that are off-limits. There are some questions that go unanswered.

One of the most difficult questions that people face in their lives is, “Am I in the wrong marriage?”

This question demands attention.

This question keeps whispering to us, over time getting louder and louder.

It wants an answer. It wants clarity. It wants to know what’s next.

It wants to understand your answers for your life and for your marriage.

There is no wrong answer, except not answering.

Through these teachings you will move from stuck in indecision to relationship clarity. Once you have the clarity you need, you’ll know what your next steps look like.

The core of my teaching, speaking, and coaching is based on what I refer to as Soulful Truth Telling. Without the truth, there’s nowhere to go, and there’s nothing to work with. You cannot thrive in a bed of lies, and you cannot gain real clarity while swimming in half-truths.

Rather than highlighting all of our mistakes, with Soulful Truth Telling we simply become compassionately curious about how we reached this place, how we helped create our experiences within our marriages, and what those experiences are here to teach us.

Rather than blaming and focusing on our partner’s shortcomings, with Soulful Truth Telling, we gently open ourselves up to forgiveness and a deeper truth.

Within the context of Soulful Truth Telling, you will gain the insight you need to trust your answers for your life and to know what to do next. Once you learn these truths, you can’t un-learn them. You can’t go back to the way it was before. You can’t continue repeating the same destructive relationship patterns or painful experiences, because you know something you didn’t know before. Regardless of your decision about your marriage, you will move forward.

Soulful Truth Telling is your doorway to clarity.

Soulful Truth Telling is your key to healing and forgiveness.

Soulful Truth Telling is your path to discovering what comes next.

Soulful Truth Telling: Why Can’t I Get Over Him?

When love is lost, it can leave us absolutely shattered.

When we’re in that pit of pain, we don’t know how we’ll ever get over him or get out alive. We don’t know how we’ll ever move on and we certainly can’t see our way to ever finding a love like that again.

We think the answer is to get him back. That would solve everything. That would make the pain go away. That would fix the gaping hole in our heart. That would make us feel wanted and worthy again. That would make all the pain we’ve endured somehow worth it.

But what if we can’t get him back? What if that’s not an option? Then we have to find some way to get over him, because staying in this pain isn’t an option.

Lots of things can keep us stuck in the pain: our patterns, the stories we carry about why this happened to us, and our fearful thoughts and beliefs. And it’s once we can see the deeper truth about those things that can keep us stuck that we are actually freed.

Soulful Truth Telling will lead you gently through that process.

Soulful Truth Telling will guide you through the darkness of deep heartbreak.

Soulful Truth Telling will bring you out the other side, where the sharp edges of your pain are not only softer, but where you find yourself believing in love again.

Soulful Truth Telling: I Know It’s Over. Now What?

When the realization sets in that your marriage is over, it can be paralyzing. When one of the biggest questions in your life gets answered, it leads to even more questions. And those questions can keep you stuck.

When you’re staring at the prospect that everything in your life is going to change, where do you even begin?

  • How do I know I’m making the right decision?
  • How will I tell my husband, the man I pledged to spend the rest of my life with?
  • How do I tell the kids, our families, and our friends?
  • How do I manage the emotional rollercoaster?
  • How can I ever move on? How will I overcome my fears?
  • What will my life look like a year from now?
  • And will I ever have another shot at love?

Soulful Truth Telling: I Know It’s Over. Now What? gently guides you through this time with practical tools and not-so-pragmatic insights – so that you don’t remain stuck in the questions and so that you’re able to move on to living the answers.

You’ll know what to expect and you’ll be prepared for what’s next.

You’ll know how to move through this time in the most peaceful way possible, so that you don’t lose your mind, lose yourself, or damage people in the process.

Soulful Truth Telling: I Know It’s Over. Now What? shows you how to use the experience of moving out of a painful marriage as a gentle launching pad for landing in the soulfully truth-filled life awaits you. Make the journey with hope, and with encouragement from an experienced coach who’s been where you are and can help you find your way.

Soulful Truth Telling: Why Isn’t This Marriage Enough?

The fifth book in the Soulful Truth Telling series, Why Isn’t This Marriage Enough? is for the woman who has everything she’s ever wanted: the nice husband, the healthy kids, the big home, even the career of her choosing. They have enough money, take family vacations and their kids are in a good school and thriving in their extra-curricular activities.

From anyone else’s perspective, her life looks enviable. So why isn’t this enough?

She married for safety and security. She married the good guy who wouldn’t hurt her. She plays the role of super-mom, because she can and because she can’t seem to say no to anyone but her husband. But after long days of caring for everyone else, connecting with her husband in any meaningful way feels like a chore, like he’s one more person that needs something from her. She has love for her husband, the father of her children, but she fears she’s fallen out of love with him.

She chose this path, this marriage, this life – so why does she feel so empty and alone?

If this isn’t enough, will it ever be enough?

What would it take to feel happy? Is that even possible?

What kind of miracle is needed for this – all of this – to feel good?

Why Isn’t This Marriage Enough? guides the reader to find the answers to that important question and explores whether the marriage can be transformed into a relationship that feels like more than enough.

Growing Up for Grown-Ups

Our children are wise. Sometimes more wise than we give them credit for.

Maybe, as women, we could learn a few things from the children in our lives about how to be happy and joyful, so that we can become the women, wives and mothers we aspire to be.

This book will help you to:

  • Remember what you’ve forgotten over the years and get back to who you really are, so that you can embrace and become all that you’re intended to be.
  • Realize that everything you’ve learned hasn’t necessarily served you and encourage you to gently and easily put yourself back on the path towards more love and more happiness in your life.
  • Notice how wise our children actually are, and appreciate how much their unique perspective, voice, and light are needed today.

When you live your own life with joy and love and self-appreciation, the children in your life will see that and learn from you – then they will embrace and become the fulfilled grown-ups they’re intended to be.

Sharon Pope is Master Life Coach specializing in love and relationships, as well as a five-time #1 international best-selling author. She wrote this book with her 17-year old niece, Madison Ferega-George, who has been like a daughter to her since the day she was born.