Sheila Cash

Evolve Your Life

Are you ready to shake off all that is not serving you anymore?

Evolve Your Life offers leading-edge perspectives of the world views that determine and direct our lives. Spiritual teacher Sheila Cash parses standard beliefs and ideology through the lens of conscious evolution, synthesizing a new practical view of reality.

By asking the big questions – like “Why are we here?” – and answering them in the context of the big picture of human evolution, Cash acts as a tour guide to evolutionary consciousness. Exploring with her through topics of enlightenment, cosmology, and human potential, you’ll gain the clarity needed to reboot your thinking, see who you are, why you’re here, and how to carry on toward your greatest fulfillment.

Written as a primer for the conscious evolutionary ready to make the paradigm shift to a new level of presence, Evolve Your Life connects the bigger questions, breaks them down, and brings them all back together to give the reader an integral understanding of life and how to navigate it well.

Cash leads readers on an exploration of consciousness through ancient and new enlightenment, addressing topics such as natural laws, transcendental concepts, courage, truth, authenticity, purpose, and the importance of expanded sensory knowledge.

Tap into your evolving human potential to live your most inspired and empowered life.

Rethinking and rebooting are your next steps for a conscious life. Evolve Your Life opens the doors for you.