Thilan Legierse

Dealing with Conflict at Work

Are you facing conflict at work that is extremely challenging and stressful? Do you lay awake at night and wonder if there is any way out at all?

If you’ve ever been challenged by seemingly insurmountable workplace conflict, you now hold the toolbox for getting to the other side.

Conflict management expert Thilan Legierse will show you how to tackle conflict in a healthy way. Building on the ideas of Stephen Covey, Margie Warrell and Brené Brown – as well as her own experience as a mediator and coach, Legierse explains how you can communicate constructively with colleagues who drive you nuts.

By empowering yourself to have courageous conversations you can resolve conflict, deepen professional relationships and find ways to work collaboratively with your co-workers.

This is the guide for employees stuck in conflict and for their managers.