The Author Incubator Bookstore

The Difference Press, LLC's catalog of original titles by authors of "The Author Incubator" program.

Bankrupt at Birth
Joe Mason

The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma
Tami Mathisen

Speak Up for Your Business
Dr. Michelle Mazur

Cleansing & Detox
Made Simple

Tricia McCauley

Daughters on Duty
Jackie McDaniels

Ceiba’s Grace
Nicole Pouchet

Layla’s Gale
Nicole Pouchet

Regret Free Personal Finance
Ben Sands

Journey to Authenticity
Emily Schvaneveldt

Hot Over 50
Julie Stass

Why Smart People Do
Stupid Things

Frank Stass

Mafia | Kitten
Valerie LaPenta Steiger

Clutter Free Revolution
Evan Zislis