Publishing Services for The Author Incubator

Our mission at The Difference Press, LLC, publishers of Dr. Angela Lauria’s The Author Incubator Program, is to help authors focus on writing a book that will make a difference while leaving the complicated publishing, printing, marketing and distribution details to us. Book publishers with passion and a committed focus is what makes us unique.

The world of publishing is changing so quickly, it is nearly impossible for anyone to keep up.

When we decide to work with an author-in-transformation, we enter a partnership of equal. Our expertise is in refining manuscripts to help authors meet their stated goals, preparing the manuscript for print, creating highly effective cover designs, and building online and offline distribution channels.

We believe passionately in leveraging our expertise so you can concentrate your time, energy and attention on leveraging yours. By getting the technical minutia of publishing off your “to do” list, we know we are joining you in making a difference in the world.

To publish with us, you’ll need to participate in the Your Delicious Book program. As a member of that program you’ll have the opportunity to sign a contract with us. The terms are pretty straight forward:

  • You give us an approved manuscript. We’ll give you a completed book live and available for sale.
  • There is no additional cost to publish with us, but you are not forced to publish with us.
  • You get to keep all your royalties. We’ll send you a quarterly reports and semi-annual payments.
  • You own the copyright and get to approve everything we do.
  • We offer substantially reduced author copies (when compared to other publishers)
  • We offer cost plus pricing for bulk orders (a service most publishers wouldn’t dream of offering because their goal is to make money — ours is to make a difference).

Want to know more about publishing with The Difference Press, schedule a free consultation today!